Note: Text borrowed from our Facebook page and was originally posted on 11/11/2016

This past weekend we were in Louisville, KY for some CX racing at The Derby City Cup. Any time you get the opportunity to show up and race with the country’s best, you take it. We’re proud to have a steel Northern out in such a carbon-dominated community. It’s rewarding to have spectators and fellow racers be intrigued by our custom steel bikes. Sometimes we feel like underdogs, and we’re proud.
This was our first time to Louisville, but we didn’t get to explore the city much. We did appreciate the historic neighborhoods, green space, and growing cycling culture. Unfortunately, we didn’t even indulge in any bourbon, but don’t bother shaming us, we regret it. Luckily we were hosted by a generous couple, Miguel and Pam, who cooked for us and made us feel at home. Home-cooked meals while on a road trip are a true luxury.

The event was at Eva Bandman Park, which is a cyclocross specific park. It was a dustbowl and the fine soil made for confusing conditions.The weekend was extremely dry, unseasonably warm, and the course was riddled with sandy corners and awkward climbs. There were three stand-alone sand sections that definitely caused some chaos in each race. Bottom line, the course was technical and offered very little room for errors.

The Derby City Cup drew a stacked field for the UCI races and Megan’s goal was humble; to get top 20. We were at the park all day so Megan could get some practice laps in. It was her first race on tubulars and it took some dialing and getting used to them. After practicing a few bike hand-offs in the parking lot, we were ready for the start whistle. Megan’s race was consistent and didn’t have any mechanicals despite a few minor crashes. Megan finished 20th, and we ended the day with a burger and ice cream.

Sunday’s race drew the same field and Megan improved on her start. No crashes on day 2, but we successfully swapped bikes mid-race due to tubular pressure issues (whether those issues fictional or reality, changes were made). The rest of the race was smooth and Megan was happy with the result of 18th. It’s always a learning experience participating in events with the country’s best racers.

The CX-MN season ends in two weeks, but Megan will continues traveling for races in December, with goals pointed at Nationals in January.

Photo credit: Yet Another Bike Photo Page