It’s a Super… Hybrid?

Hybrid, commuter, city bike. Call it what you want but one thing is for sure; this build really came together.

Jerry came to Northern looking for a comfy ride that he could […]

Workshop Visit – The Radavist

Jarrod decided to brave the Minnesota winter last year to get fitted for his custom Northern. He also brought his camera. Head on over to The Radavist to check out photos in this worlds […]

Craig’s 650b+

We give you Craig’s “Mississippi Queen” (Well thats what we nick-named it, not sure if he is going to stick with that or not). Craig comes from the background of rigid single-speeds, and carbon […]

Derby City Cup

Note: Text borrowed from our Facebook page and was originally posted on 11/11/2016

This past weekend we were in Louisville, KY for some CX racing at The Derby City Cup. Any time you get the […]

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