Do you sell just frames or also complete bikes?

We prefer to sell you the whole hot dish whenever possible but are also happy selling just frame.  By helping with part spec and supplying parts we are able to check fitment and ensure your frame and components are working optimally.  

What is your current lead time?  

We strive to keep our lead time around 14 weeks from the approval of the fitting to completion.  Contact us for the most up to date timeline.

UPDATE December 2021:  The Pandemic has made for a huge increase in demand while making it ever more challenging to source parts and materials.  Due to these factors are current lead time is six months.

What tubing do you use?  

The good stuff.  We use the finest titanium and steel tubing available.  Nearly every rider has a different need for their bike, and we pick out specific tubing with individual’s needs and desires in mind.  

What’s your warranty?  

43,800 hours.  Lifetime warranties are almost always bogus, that’s why we keep ours at 5 years.  If a steel frame is going to fail it is probably going to be within the first week of riding or many years and many, many miles down the road.  Even properly built steel frames will not last a lifetime if ridden hard.  With the official answer stated it should also be said that warranty situations are exceptionally rare and we always strive to keep our customers happy. 

Are Northerns available in stock sizes or models?

Yes and No.  Every once in a while we’ll have some extra time to build a stock frame up.  These will vary in size, color, and attributes.  If any of these exist, you can find out about them over at Angry Catfish.  Just give them a shout and they can let you know whats available currently.  

Can I choose the tubing used in my frame?  

Probably not.  You are welcome to make a request and we can discuss the pros and cons but in the end it’s the job of the frame builder to pick tubing that will best fit you and your riding style.