Project Description


Steel hardtail mountain bikes are a staple in the midwest. We at the shop all grew up on them and love the way they have evolved particularly in the last few years. We set out to build the perfect modern hardtail that won’t feel antiquated in 5 years time. Here’s what we came up with.

– A balanced geometry that doesn’t slacken your headtube to the point of making your front wheel flop in the tight, windy singletrack, but it promises to gives you enough confidence when you’re riding somewhere a bit rockier and steeper, say up in Duluth or Marquette.
– A sufficiently tight rear-center wheelbase to make the bike nimble but not comically “tukt.” We do like a stable rear end for those longer days after all.
– A Steel frame that doesn’t feel like a tank.
– Wireless shifting? yes please! Less cable stop interruptions on this beautiful fade done by our friend Oliver at Dark Matter Finishing.

Enough rambling. You should ride this bike, or at least see it in person.